TOP 5 Best Camping Tents – Outdoor Expert’s Review!

best camping tentsMy understanding on review is knowledge that is passed on in order to provide information based on personal experience.

Back then when I started backpacking and outdoor life, I spent days on reading online reviews to get my knowledge broadened.

On this website you can find the best camping tents, what people favor the most around the world and will suit to all sorts of entry backpacker, who are just about to experience the wonders of outdoor life!

While writing the reviews I have considered probably the five most important factors you have to take in mind when getting a tent:

  1. Durability
  2. Ventilation
  3. Size
  4. Weight
  5. Price

Considering this I have come up with the TOP 5 Camping Tents based on my knowledge. If you wonder what kind of outdoor experience do I have, you are welcomed to check out ‘About Me’ page!

Insight!! The first four tents are ideal for one or two camper(s) and the last one is a family tent, accommodating up to 6 campers. They are all super convenient to pitch and these tents’ price is more than compatible.

Let’s begin …

Big Agnes – Copper Spur UL2

copper spur ul2The Big Agnes Copper Spur UL2 is a 3 season tent for 2 campers. It is a really lightweight tent with spacious inner space.

If you carry tons of gears, but you have to trek all day long, then at least this gear of yours will not add much weight to your backpack.

Copper Spur has 2 doors, which is a huge PLUS added value comparing to similar tents.

Big Agnes UL2 also has two large vestibules, so stuffs you don’t need inside the room can be kept outside yet protected from weather. The inside pockets help a lot to keep your belongings organized and easily reachable.

Full Big Agnes Copper Spur UL2 review is available now!

The clipping assembly makes the pitching super convenient, so putting the Big Agnes UL2 up should not take more than 5 minutes after some practice.

big agnes copper spur ul2 reviewIt has a unique geometrical shape which is unusual among entry tents like this. Therefore, the Copper Spur UL2 can stand rain – that others in its price range can’t.

On the contrary there is one downside you must know about. This is a tent you can’t use for dirt-bag backcountry adventure simply because the fabric is not as durable as others. This is the price we must accept for the lightweight feature.

Luckily an additional groundsheet (footprint) can give a good support and stretch its lifespan big time.

My overall opinion is that Big Agnes Copper Spur UL2 is the perfect choice if you are wandering in the forest and can pitch it on smooth surface.

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Weight: 1.6 kg (3 lbs 46 oz)

Item Dimensions: 12.7 x 12.7 x 48.3 cm (5 x 5 x 19 inches)

MSR Hubba Hubba NX2

msr hubba hubbaThe MSR Hubba Hubba NX2 is a strong, 2-person, 3- season tent in the midrange category backpacking tent

The NX2 is perfectly suitable for camping, backpacking and multiple days/weeks long trekking outdoor.

Now let me explain why!

Before the new lighter models got released, the Hubba Hubba NX2 was a market leader and in its category. As the new models got released the price of the MSR Hubba Hubba dropped, making it preferable to all the low budget backpackers.

Its light weight is outstanding thanks to the fabric. It is so compact that MSR Hubba Hubba NX2 fits perfectly to you, if you are conscious about the volume of your backpack.

Full Hubba Hubba NX2 review is available now!

As its poles are color coded the tent is super easy and fast to pitch. The Hubba Hubba NX2 has two doors with vestibules on each sides. This is combined with the light color fabric that helps you not to feel depressed if you are stuck inside the tent due to bad weather.

hubba hubba msrNow there are a few things to complain about, but these are minor ones and can easily overcome.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer doesn’t provide enough guy lines neither enough stakes. However, you can just take some extra threads and use rocks.

The Hubba Hubba NX2 hardly stands well in strong wind, yet it is still better performing than its competitors.

My opinion on it is that the MSR Hubba Hubba NX2 is a great choice if budget is tight and the destination is not extreme. For beginner backpackers heading out to the forest or hitchhiking across the continent will come super handy.

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Weight: 2.6 kg (3 lbs 11 oz)

Item Dimension: 48 x 20 x 18 cm (19 x 8 x 7 inches)

MSR Elixir 2

msr elixir 2The MSR Elixir 2 is a 3-season tent accommodating 2-people easily.

Convenient access from both sides with two spacious vestibules for your gears.

Thanks to its shape the Elixir 2 model can be pitched freestanding too.

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The color coding makes pitching even easier and that is a huge PLUS, if you happen to be new to this adventurous world.

msr elixir 2 tentThe shaping gives a good inner space to you which allows you comfortable dressing and even cooking if the weather happens to be bad outside.

It comes with full footprint, which is not common to have it included.

Therefore, you don’t have the extra weight coming from the additional ground sheet.

Nevertheless, the MSR Elixir 2 is a really good choice, if you are chasing moderate clime destinations from spring to late fall.

The price is midrange, but the quality is really outstanding. MSR made the pitching really straightforward, what add good value to beginners’ need.

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Weight: 2.1 kg (4 lbs 10 oz)

Item Dimension: 50 x 18 cm (20 x 7 inches)

The North Face Stormbreak 2

north face stormbreak 2The North Face Stormbreak 2 is an upscale tent suitable for 2 campers from early spring to late fall.

As it is getting more and more popular to apply two exits on camping tents, The North Face did that too.

Besides, the tent comes with 2 large vestibules, adding great storage space.

Therefore, your new tent is suitable for longer trips too. The Strombreak 2 is easy to pitch and pack, so again, good choice if convenience is a priority combined with durability.

Thanks to the clip assembly system used, the lifespan of the tent is by far the best among the best entry backcountry tents.

north face stormbreakWe shall conclude that, if you are planning to stay in the forest and/or other relatively easy terrain then The North Face Stormbreak 2 is your choice.

Now unlike many entry backpacking tents, this one doesn’t have three but four poles.

You may see it as extra weight – a burden – but it gives a better support to the tent and the rain-fly is more supported so leakage is not a threat.

Even though the footprint is an add-on here, yet the price is dirt-cheap. It isn’t common from The North Face, that something goes for such a cheap price.

If budget is tight then this is your go. For such a low price this is by far the – in my opinion – you can get today.


Weight: 2.3 kg (5 lbs)

Item dimension: 60 x 18 cm (22 x 7 inches)

Marmot Halo 6

marmot halo 6The Marmot Halo 6 is a perfect family tent. You can take your whole family wherever you want in all three seasons (spring, summer and fall).

The Marmot Halo 6 is so spacious that a queen size bed can fit in the tent easily and thanks to the headroom you don’t need to have your back bent when standing up.

Now this is a family tent so don’t expect anything small or lightweight. However, in exchange you don’t need to worry about the long-stormy days, because of the space and comfort you get.

Again the double-door feature makes life easier. The vestibules at the doors will give tons of space for your boots, clothes and other gears you do not want inside, adding even more space.

best family tentThe Marmot Halo 6 is however not as durable as a family tent should be. There are cases when the poles got bent or zipper flipped off.

Fortunately, it has never happened to me, but all the inconveniences got fixed rather quickly thanks to the perfect warranty handling process by Marmot or by Amazonbased on what I have read.

Now the price is a bit steep but it is a Marmot product and the whole family can easily sleep in it so it is a reasonable tag on it.


Weight: 7.8 kg (17lbs 14 oz)

Item dimension: 25.4 x 33 x 76.2 cm (10 x 13 x 30 inches)

Hope this article made sense and you already considering to purchase one! Before you do so, I highly recommend to check out my detailed tent reviews!

Also stay tuned to get more Tricks & Tips for your upcoming camping experiences outdoors!

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