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Hi guys,

You are on this website because you are either after some good tent reviews with the best quality/price ratio or interested in the latest products or maybe just wandering in the outdoor and adventure words online.

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My recent winter trip through Taklamakan Desert, China

Whatever the case is you are at the right place!

Hereby, I would like to take the chance and introduce myself a bit.

My name is Tee. I was born and raised in Hungary. From the early years I spent most of my time in the forest.

Outdoor has become part of my everyday life very quickly!

⇒ Trail-running, Rock-climbingMountaineering …

… are the main reasons why I’m in love with nature.

⇒ I’m Specialized In Outdoor Gear Testing…

… and this is the main reason why I started this website.

⇒ I Have More Than 10 Years Of Experience …

… in outdoor activities, adventure tourism and camping in general!

By now I am ready to utilize my knowledge and help you guys, who are seeking for further and RELIABLE KNOWLEDGE!

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Ascending the Mont Blanc, Alps

Among many other extreme sports I’m a mountaineer too

… hence most of the time I go to the mountains for several weeks to do backcountry adventure and climbing.

I’m pretty used to the wilderness and I feel home whenever I hit the road what takes me away from civilization.

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Therefore, I provide the ‘shortcuts’ for the recent posts:

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There are more topics to come … I will keep YOU up-to-date about outdoor life and the adventure part of the world!